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1. Will Fox consider my script/proposal/movie idea?

Unfortunately due to the high volume of inquiries we receive on a daily basis, we cannot read, consider, nor respond to these types of requests. Any scripts or ideas received digitally or physically will be destroyed and discarded.

2. Does Fox have any open positions for me?

Fox is always looking to hire new talent! To be considered for a union position, prospective employees must be enrolled in a union before applying. For corporate opportunities, please refer to our Fox Careers page. New positions are posted every day, so be sure to check regularly for a role that may be a perfect fit!

For young professionals seeking internship opportunities, please refer to the Fox Internship Program page for additional details on program qualifications.

3. Can I get rights and permissions to use a Fox-owned image, clip, etc.? 

For all licensing and copyright requests, please email with the specific images, clips, or assets you are requesting permissions for and how you will be using them. Our Fox Clips team will reach out with additional information regarding any possible fees.

4. Do you currently offer studio tours of your Los Angeles backlot? 

We unfortunately do not offer public tours of our studio lot at this time. However, we have been developing a program which may make this a possibility in the future. Please keep up-to-date with our studio for recent news and events to see if we offer tours at a later time.

5. Can Fox provide any monetary or non-monetary donations for my cause?

While we are dedicated to supporting various local and global causes, we have a list of previously-selected non-profit organizations that we partner with throughout the year.

6. Do you have early screening opportunities?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill this this type of request at this time.


For additional questions, please reach out to us via our contact form here. Due to the high volume of inquiries, please allow us at least 3 business days to respond.

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