With various staging options and prime backlot locations, the Fox lot is a hub for producing feature films, television shows, commercials, and events.

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  • Sound stages ranging from 14,000 sq. ft to over 28,000 sq. ft 

  • New York Street

  • Production Services

  • Food services and special events 

  • Additional backlot locations


With 15 different sound stages ranging from 14,000 to over 28,000 square feet, we have the ideal stage needed to meet the needs of any production. Our fully-integrated stages feature lighting and power capabilities with silent air conditioning and heating for a comfortable atmosphere while shooting. Our Stage 16 also includes a 500,000 gallon tank.*


This replica of a typical New York Street offers filmmakers the opportunity to enhance production values in a smaller space, incorporates different locales varying from San Francisco's Chinatown to urban Los Angeles and creates a variety of additional shots through the use of its practical interiors.


Recognized as the previous home of the award-winning NYPD Blue television series, this multiple storefront set can also be transformed as the ideal setting for your special event.