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At the Fox lot Jane Russell Foley Stage, sounds come to life in all mediums using an assortment of household tools and unique props on a variety textures and surfaces to create the perfect effects. Our foley artists can create a plethora of sounds and produce an environment fitting for every project and concept.

  • Operated and managed by One Step Up

  • Available recording formats accommodate both traditional analog and the latest digital recording and playback formats.

  • Stage dimensions: 32' x 29' (24' to ceiling)

  • Screen dimensions:  15’W x 10’H 

  • Projector Throw:  30’ 

  • ProTools V7.x with HD192 Recorder with OMF capability 

  • Digital video playback via ProTools 

  • Video Streamers

  • Comtek wireless headphone system 

  • Christie Digital LW600, 6000 lumen projector

  • Quick Keys Software 

  • WiFi 

  • On Lot food services


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10201 West Pico Blvd.  |  Bldg 26  |  Los Angeles, CA

(310) 369-0527  |

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