Stage Dimensions 

  • 42’ Wide x 55’ Deep x 26’ High

Screen Specifications

  • Stewart Ultramatte 150 Cine-Perf,  21’ 6” x  35’

Monitoring Formats

  • 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atoms Cinema, SDDS, Auro 3D & IMAX. 

B-Chain Specifications

  • 3-Way High Powered Screen Arrays with BMS Coaxial Compression Drivers, BGW M2200i Subwoofers, 56 x Meyer HMS-12 High-Power Surrounds, Meyer 500-HP Dolby Atmos Subwoofers, Dolby Lake & Lab.Gruppen Processors, Parasound & Crown Amplification. Meyer Acheron 100 IMAX Surround Speakers

Digital Mixing Console

  • AMS-Neve DFC-3D Gemini Consoles, Encore 3 Automation System, 1000 path Dual Engine Ultra Scale Processing Core, 12 Stems, 96 Fader Control Surface with LED TFT Displays

  • Avid S6 M40 32-9-D Control Surfaces including Master Post Module, Joystick, Expand Knob and Automation Modules. Additional Floating Displays are available

Protools Playback

  • 5 x Protools v2020 HDX Systems, w/7,1 2019 MacPros 704 Total Output Channels.

Protools Record

  • 3 x Protools v2020 HDX Systems, w/7,1 2019 MacPros 288 Total I/O Channels, may also be used for additional playback.

Protools Plugins 

  • Extensive list of current plug-ins including, Altiverb 7XL, Speakerphone 2, Izotope RX7 Advanced, Waves Diamond, Fab Filters, Waves WNS, and several others.

Outboard Gear

  • Lexicon 960, TC 6000, Lexicon 480s, Cedar DNS1000, Junger B42 Dynamics, DBX 120a Subharmonic Synthesizers.


  • Christie CP2000-XB 2K Digital Cinema Projector

Video Playback

  • Rhode & Schwarz Clipster-Play Digital Cinema Delivery System. Supports 2K Stereoscopic playback of DPX, TIFF, TGA & other uncompressed data formats as well as DCP, DNxHD, QuickTime and others.  Also ProTools playback via AJA Kona 4 Video Card.

Stagetec Nexus Audio Router

  • 4096 x 4096 I/O Matrix, Matrix 5 Control, Audio Mixing DSP, High Speed Fiber Infrastructure.

Audio Storage Area Network

  • ZFS based iXSystems TrueNAS Secure High Speed Storage, 48 TB capacity, 10GbE Copper Connectivity. Apple Server for Editorial and Stage AFP 12 TB Shares.

Stage Editorial Workstations

  • 5 Editorial Workstation Positions with Dual DVI Displays. Thinklogical VX80 KVM Router with individual Touch Screen Control providing Protools CPU access with mouse sharing.

Editorial Rooms

  • 10 Private Editorial Rooms, all with Audio, Video, Fiber and KVM Tie Lines to the Stage.





Ford Stage Dimensionsei-blk.jpg


John Ford Mixing Stage

John Ford Mixing Stage

John Ford Mixing Stage

John Ford Mixing Stage

John Ford Mixing Stage

John Ford Mixing Stage


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